We are open to visitors and for ordering, with our opening times shown at the bottom of this homepage. Opening times with soon be changing, so please keep an eye on this page. Remember - it is a fallacy to think that planting fruit trees must wait until winter. Our container grown trees, planted now and at any time up to December will continue to grow above and below ground. Don't waste the chance to get your trees established faster. The belief that trees must be planted in winter is merely a hangover from the necessity to wait until dormancy to lift bare root trees from the open ground. Our trees do not have to wait for that.

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We also send out trees by courier. See the How To Order page for details, prices etc.





The 7th Edition of the printed catalogue is now available. Please see the side menu above 'Get Printed Catalogue'.

ALSO - if your email client sends emails to us at the address bernwode@xln.co.uk, please amend it to send to ask@bernwodefruittrees.co.uk. The former email address is due to be retired and your emails might not come through and be answered. Thank you.



We collect, conserve, grow and sell trees of traditional British fruit varieties. They are container grown, can be planted at any time of year and can be collected from the nursery or sent out by courier throughout the year. Please see opening times below.

A 170 page descriptive catalogue is available for a modest charge. Please telephone. There is no online ordering of trees, given the range and quickly changing availability. Our trees are rare and living things, which cannot be ordered up out of a warehouse. Customers are welcome to advice at the nursery or on the telephone.

Our range includes several hundred varieties, covering apples, pears, plums, gages, cherries, vines, medlars, quinces, and some soft fruit. We also graft new trees from customers' own treasured old ones. Our trees are grafted on a range of rootstocks and customers can choose whichever is most suitable for the shape and size of tree, bush or restricted form they want.


Much of our work involves research and conservation of old varieties, ancient trees and orchards. If you have any knowledge of these, which you think would be of interest to us, please let us know. They are fast disappearing and time is pressing. Often, we advise private owners of trees and orchards on an informal basis, but we also undertake more formal consultancy on a fee-paying basis for larger and longer term projects. Please telephone for details.


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Months in blue - Open 10.00 to 17.00 Tuesday to Sunday inclusive.
Also open bank holiday Mondays in blue months, but closed Christmas Eve to New Year's Day, inclusive.

Months in red - Closed, but we are usually here and visitors are welcome by prior arrangement.


CONTACT - Telephone: 01844 237415 Email: ask@bernwodefruittrees.co.uk
Bernwode Fruit Trees, Kingswood Lane, Ludgershall, Buckinghamshire, HP18 9RB